Sell Label Paper

Great Opportunity to Start a Business! No
Competition at all on Gummed Label Paper

We can supply you with paper. You can sell to paper wholesalers, warehouses, paper shops, home brew shops, on the Web, anywhere in any country of the world.

Purchase paper in bulk from us and re-packing it yourself. We supply packets of 500 and 2000 letter size sheets which we have cut from the large papers used by the printing companies.

Click below for front page to your packages of filter papers:

10 sheets to make 40 labels

25 sheets to make 100 labels

500 sheets to make 2000 labels

2000 sheets to make 8000 labels

Fill in your self


For 500 papers, US$ 59 + freight $ 31, total $ 90
For 2000 papers, US$ 215 + freight $ 69, total $ 284

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